Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My animation is proving difficult. While I have most of the scenes drawn I haven't fully animated it yet, I am having trouble with the bone tool too. Showing it to Hages later this morning for critiquing.


I have been working on my animation for VFX101 and I am doubting my ability to complete it on time. I am weeks behind and have been frantically trying to finish all of my assignments. Sleep deprivation is now a harsh reality, the possibility of mental instability is now very real. Wealth - non existent, three dollars will not get me far in Queensland this break.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What i have learnt

I have been in MPI104 for eleven working weeks now. I have learned many things from this course and no doubt will continue to use these skills as well as build upon them in the future.

RSS feeds were a very interesting and valuable thing to learn about, I now can subscribe to feeds that I wish to continue to be up to date with, this is very useful.
Learning CSS and HTML were very difficult for me but of what I have learned I found useful. The upside is that it is easy to search for preexisting codes or templates and use these.
iWeb is a very useful program that comes with Macintosh computers. I taught myself the basics of using this program and made an internet website. I used RSS feeds and Pipes to keep it connected with this blog and my classes MPI104 blog. RSS feeds are often embedded into websites by converting the HTML of the RSS feed into JavaScript. I put a Webpage Hit Counter onto my iWeb website to keep track of how many times my page had been visited, not unlike this page. I can also keep track of how many individual IP Addresses have visited these pages.
FTP or File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files over a server and to another computer. Fetch is another Macintosh standard program which aids in doing this, it is also the program that I used to upload my iWeb to the internet on my Athene account.
In being in this course I have also learned more about my Yahoo! account, particularly in using Delicious and Flickr. Also I have grown accustomed using Google and Google Mail, in particular, Google Documents. Google can also be used to track RSS feeds, something I've already mentioned as being quite useful to be able to do.

I have learned quite a number of things in this course. These skills will surely prove useful in the future. I am glad that I have studied for this course and hope to improve my skills in this field.


We have our final assessment for MPI104 coming up next week. I am working on fulfilling the criteria requirements right now. Having already updated my Flickr, Delicious and Blogger blog profiles, I must see if there are any other ways of updating these.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Counters and RSS

Hit Counters are used to determine how many people have visited a website, they can be set up to count each time an individual IP address visits the site, or every time the site is visited. Counters are useful to determine how many people visit your site, and how frequently it is visited.

RSS or 'Really Simple Syndication' documents are known as Feeds or Channels. They are used to keep updated as the original feed is updated, often used for distributing information from blogs or news sites. Google Reader is a simple way of subscribing to RSS feeds, in Google Reader you can add feeds and then they will keep up to date in your Google account.


Technorati is an internet search engine which is used to search peoples blogs. It is used to keep people up to speed regarding their interests. Technorati searches for Tags and generates a list of blogs with tags matching the search. Technorati is used in a similar fashion to RSS, however in order for it to follow a webpage an RSS feed is not required.